It’s always best to try and imagine what an inconvenience it would be to lose ALL the data on your computer. At a quick glance, most people think “it’ll be ok, I don’t have that many important documents or photos”.  It’s not until they can’t access their hard drive anymore that they realise there’s an entire album of family photos that they had forgotten about.

In order to help prevent a problem like this from happening, we always recommend to perform daily backups of your hard drive.  You can still use the computer whilst this happens. It doesn’t slow down, stopping you from using it.

Go Online

If you can, you may also want to try out Cloud Storage Solutions (e.g. OneDrive or Google Drive) if you have NBN.  Quite often, you’ll be able to find a free account with enough storage to keep some important photos and documents safely secured and they’ll accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

Have you lost your data or has your hard drive stopped working?

If so, please bring it in so I can take a closer look at it.  You’d be surprised at what can actually be recovered when data ‘goes missing’.

Either organise bring your computer or hard drive in by making an appointment here or give me a call on 0415 599 044 so I can guide you through the next step.